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Andy LeFevre has been composing infectious melodic songs and instrumentals for over 20 years. His songs “Life In Red City” (from his CD "Raindance") and “Lost Love” (a collaboration with poet ‘Didi’ E.M.Crook who wrote the lyrics, is on his “Reflections” CD) are both finalist song-of-the-year competition entries. He performs in Essex music clubs, festivals and local radio stations either solo or with various combinations of his musical friends.

His song "Still Under Your Spell" is a much requested crowd favourite - a poignant song that will resonate with couples who have been together for a long time. It won the musesmuse songwriting forum's lyric of the month competition.

At the other end of his music spectrum is the title track "Raindance" - a foot stomping, bongo playing crowd pleaser, with huge rhythm and crowd dancing potential - this song seems to be very effective with the rain 'gods'!!

New album "Our World" released! - an eclectic mix of folk, pop and country songs - something for everyone!

"Our World" is an album with many different inspirations for the songs; from the Irish Healy Pass, "Bealach Scairta" during the Black `47 years of the potato famine and in England the infamous: "Witch Finder General", to wide ranging climate change issues; "The Greens and the Golds" and "Easter Island", to people watching in a bar: "Wish You Were Waiting For Me", to personal songs: "Sitting There At Your Knee" (a finalist in the Song-Of-The-Year competition) and  "My Little One". "Rehab Baby" completes the eclectic mix with an old 80's style Country song. All these songs inspired from "Our World"...

Many thanks to my friends: Karen Maxwell; for a two-year collaboration (!) and vocals on the historic "Witch Finder General", Simon Wright for collaboration with his excellent lyrics on "The End Of The World", to Jackie Bishop for contributing her lovely backing vocals on "Watching You Fly Evgenia" and "Our World" and to Joshua Lynch for his beatutiful cello playing on the title track. Thanks also to my friend Kristian Øie Jensen in Norway, for pointing out "the good, the bad & the ugly" on early song versions with suitable slashes of his Viking 'sword'! Also, to Denise in Ireland for helping with Irish pronunciations for the Irish "Bealach Scairta" lyrics; for which Diane Johnson drew a wonderful picture which now hangs proudly in my studio - many thanks guys and I look forward to future collaborations! :) 


 "Oh Lundy Isle" - is a concept album of twelve songs for Lundy Island; it's tranquil unspoilt beauty in the Bristol Channel, England and on it's many 'colourful' historic character’s.

Track information:

1/ Dream Catcher – an uplifting melodic song which captures Lundy Island’s tranquil, unspoilt isolation and the memories you will make there.

2/ “Oh Lundy Isle” – title track for the album; sets the scene for Lundy visitor’s voyage out to the island on the M.S. Oldenburg and places they may explore. Many thanks to Boo Hewerdine for some great suggestions on this title track in his songwriting workshop.

3/ “Last Voyage of the Nightingale – the incredible Nightingale scandal; a true tale based on the infamous MP / Sheriff of Devon; Thomas Benson from the 1740’s, bent on exploiting extradited convicts and just for good measure, he throws in a huge insurance swindle and a 'visit' to Execution dock for his loyal Nightingale’s Captain Lancey. Furhter information can be found in "The Nightingale Scandal, The story of Thomas Benson and Lundy", by Stanley Thomas.

4/ “Lost Upon The Deep (Jenny's Cove)” – a haunting tribute song to all the many sailors who have lost their lives around Lundy's granite cliffs – over 200 wrecks. Many lifebelts and poignant ship wreck items are displayed on the walls of the island's tavern that "never shuts" – Marisco Tavern. "The Jenny" was a three-masted schooner wrecked on Lundy on 20th February 1797. She was said to have carried ivory and bags of gold dust. The bags were never recovered and the cove where she was wrecked was named after her.

5/William de Marisco (King of Lundy)” – the infamous William de Marisco’s pirating exploits in the reign of King Henry III. It does not end at all well for William but his family name lives on in Marisco Tavern and Marisco Castle – King Henry III would be fuming at the thought!!

6/Benson’s Cave – Verse 1 is a quote from US extradited convict, James Revel "The Unhappy Sufferer" published in 1780. Benson's cave was used by smugglers to ‘redistribute’ goods bound for England thus avoiding tax charges. Throw in some convicts, who should have been extradited to America and the only personal evidence of their enforced stay on the island; they were able to leave behind simple rough initials and dates scratched on the cave walls and the scene is set...

7/ “Lost Love” (Lyrics by ‘Didi E.M. Crook) – a collaboration with local poet Didi - appropriate for Lundy's moorland. A sad moving song of two young lovers growing up on the moor together.

8/Siesta Key” – an uplifting seaside song of awakening love found on the beach; two sets of foot prints merge in the sand at sunset.

9/ “Puffins” – One meaning of “Lundy” may come from a Norse derivation meaning “Puffin” – these most characterful birds just had to have a Puffin song all of their own. This is a very catchy song - perhaps with 'hit' potential?!

10/ “Shooting Star” – Lundy island has no street lights and, in fact, it's small power network is mostly turned off after midnight, so there is no light pollution on the island. Looking up, the stars are bright and spectacular. "Shooting Star" weaves in a love metaphor and lovely melody.

11/ “Spirits” – captures the sights and sounds of magical places and moments in time that we all have - and will have on Lundy. Peter Slater contributing lovely chimming guitar contrast to Andy's guitar.

12/Pearls” – unspoilt Lundy Island and our planet, are so precious to our existence and wellbeing – an absolute ‘Pearl’ in a vast universe of black where, so far, we have found nothing else to compare. What will the ‘man-in-the-moon’ think? “Pearls' is a remixed classic from Andy’s debut album “Raindance” with Rachel Hack contributing lovely vocals, Peter Slater (mandolin) and Roy Bartholomew (bass).

“Reflections” - follow-up album, was released in February 2016 and has 16 + 2bonus tracks (!). Try "Still Under Your Spell" with the chimming guitars of Andy and Peter Slater and big 'Bessi' Roy Bartholomew's double bass which is dedicated to long term couples everywhere, the soaring "Still Here", quirky "Riders" and "Other Worlds". Rachel Hack contributes her lovely spine tingling vocals to the Enya-esk "You'll Find Me Where I'm Waiting", "Still Under Your Spell" and song-of-the-year contest finalist "Lost Love" (lyrics by 'Didi' E.M. Cook). This CD is full of different songs and just when you think you've heard everything there are some catchy instrumentals as well.


“Raindance”  - debut album of 13 songs, released in 2010. Raindance is an eclectic collection of songs; from the infectious heavy beat of the title track to the humorous "Chamois Leather Beauty Queen" and charming “Safe and Sound” and atmospheric “Spirits”. There is something here for everyone.

Album artwork:
Meticulous attention
to detail is made in choosing cover art to compliment physical CD's  - there is always a many paged full colour booklet with all lyrics displayed and many pictures and illustrations to complement the atmosphere of the songscapes, to provide the listener with as entertaining visual complement to each song as  possible.

Next project - maybe another island trek somewhere with my trusty travel guitar, some weeks 'out-in-the-field', researching more quirky historical characters and places of interest with breaks in the local pubs!

Story telling Lyrics

Andy’s story telling lyric style weave threads from the past present and future into a rich tapestry of sound textures and lyrics that are thought provoking and will linger and resonate with the listener. His local folk lore inspired song "Scrapfaggot Green" is based on the local Great Leighs 'witch' story - where a young girl gets burned at the stake for some 'crime' that, today, would be laughed at. She was buried at a small cross roads called Scrapfaggot Green and a large boulder was place over her grave. In the 1940's some American GIs moved the boulder and, of course, her spirit escaped into the local hostelries where, it is said, she made clocks run backwards and moved objects around. So strong were the stories at St. Annes Castle, Great Leighs, where the boulder is now located, that Time magazine sent reporters to investigate and write an article.

Music styles ranges from songs with a medieval folk/rock feel to elegant pop/rock and blends original angles on living and historic stories/events that will hook the listener’s ear, provide food for thought and have them coming back for more.

Other interests - Astronomy, Photograpy, Video production, Rambling, Reading (SF), Canal boating, Chess, Skiing, Badminton, Squash and of course "42"....

Studied Physics at Portsmouth University and has designed integrated circuits for STC, Nortel, Elantec and Intersil for much of his career.

He was a Portsmouth individual chess champion and competed in tournaments all over the country including the British U21 Chess championships. 

Although his spare time is now mainly dedicated to songwriting and music, he still finds the odd moment or two to play on-line 5min chess at chess.com  so, if you fancy a game some time...

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