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Some useful links covering music resources, artists, groups and professionals:

PRS for Music - two collection societies: the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) and the Performing Right Society (PRS)

Musesmuse - Songwriting forum; song/lyric contests, song/lyric forums for discussion & development - one of the best songwriting sites around to hone your song writing skills - if you are willing to give and receive honest feedback.

Rhymezone –  for working on lyric rhyming schemes

One Look Reverse Dictionary – when you’re stuck with a vague concept and need something more definite…

Essex Chordsmen - Award winning barbershop chorus in Chelmsford; competing in national competitions and to major audiences.

Andy on Soundclick - early song drafts

Andy on SoundCloud - early song drafts

Colin Davies – brilliant singer songwriter and guitarist - with influences of James Taylor in his singing and songs.

Hunter Muskett – well loved group from the 70’s featuring the song writing of the wonderfull singer/guitarist: Terry Hiscock; an original member.

Two Coats Colder - wonderful folk group I have had the pleasure of meeting many times at the Great Bardfield folk club.

Brunner travel guitars and the Phil Keaggy video here. I have a Brunner "Outdoor Guitar" and it's a fabulous instrument to take all over the world with me (as hand luggage!) on my travels:

Lundy Island – an island paradise in the Bristol channel; so much history, so much wonderful island wild life/views/historic buildings to see - a songwriters paradise and inspiration for my new CD, "Oh Lundy Isle".

Kristian Øie Jensen, songwriter extrordinaire for the group "Come Winter", good friend and musical mentor.

Simon Wright - Scottish lyricist - our collaboration spawned the "Our World" track: "The End Of The World" - great lyrics Simon!

Joshua Lynch - professional Cellist and music teacher. Recorded his cello for "Our World".

Terry Crouch -  professional photographer and graphics designer for my "Our World" Cd.

David Booth - Producer and session drummer. David's drums can be heard on many of my songs on "Raindance" and "Reflections".

Dario Fisher – professional graphic designer for my "Oh Lundy Isle", "Reflections", and "Raindance" CD's artwork.

Stephen Abbot – professional creative illustrator for my "Raindance" CD's artwork.